Vert Shock – A Top Program To Increase Your Vertical Jump?

The field of sports is hot right now for athletes to look at new products to gain an edge in their sport by reaching their potential in terms of jumping higher, particularly in basketball. Vertical jump programs like Adam Folker Vert Shock Pro are the best way for men and women to raise their vertical jump through a safe, structured, and guided environment.

Using his experience of manufacturing methods to jump higher over 10 years, Adam Folker is a huge part of the vertical jump industry. His program, Vert Shock, is been regarded by Fadeaway Magazine, ESPN and Mens Health as an elite example of how a jump protocol should be built. Folker’s Vert Shock promises to boost your jump by 10 inches at the very least. The truth is, players who went through the program experienced gains between 10 to 25 inches after completion.


The workout aspect of Vert Shock can last for 8 weeks. You work out for 5 days out of your week and move through 3 different phases. On each phase, you will simply have to follow the instructions in Vert Shock’s library that you receive access to once you sign up to the program. The exercises inside the program include a blend of cardio workouts mixed with lifting weights, particularly pushups, explosion drills and pull ups. The whole goal is to constantly create muscle confusion and train in a way in which you mix exercises to focus on different aspects of your vertical leap within the 8 weeks of your Shock training.

Vert Shock Reviews

jr-vert-shockLastly, should you study and investigate vertical jump programs and ask athletes from professional dunkers to amateur pickup players, you will discover that Vert Shock has become the #1 jump training program currently on the market. A little search on Google/Youtube will expose you to hundreds of reviews and case studies like this testimonial by Phil Clarke who has gained over 15 inches with Vert Shock. In addition to that, thincpro (the company that sells Vert Shock) are giving away a “double your money back warranty” if the program doesn’t work.. how’s that for a guarantee?

For most athletes who depend on their legs to jump, it’s a necessity to make a first step toward strength and develop massive power – this is the true key component to increasing your vertical leap. Trying to move forward with your training without the essential levels of strength is detrimental to your training and to your knees. Resistance training is the place where you ready your body for the strains and loads of high jumping. It is crucial that you’ll prepare your body properly to avoid an injury and maximize your results.

You won’t just increase the strength of your muscles, you will also increase the strength of your bones and ligaments. Ligaments are responsible for connecting the bones and keeping them in place. Attempting advanced training techniques without first establishing the necessary degrees of strength can result in serious, or even a permanent, injury. Make sure you develop a good basis of strength before proceeding with the next phase of your vertical jump training.


P.S. On the site we linked to earlier you can also find a review of The Jump Manual program and contrast it to Vert Shock by reading Jesse Parker’s opinion.

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