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August 19, 2016 – Agenda

Board members not able to attend must send a proxy with written/signed authorization or proper E-mail to the State Coordinator

The State Coordinator will be unavailable from Thursday, August 16 until the beginning of the Board meeting. This means phone, fax, e-mail and postal service.

Meetings are held at the Best Western – Inn at Hunt Ridge (540) 464-1500

From I-81, Exit 191W to I-64, Exit 55 to US 11N to Rt.39

Best Western will be on your right

Lunch will be ordered & served in the meeting room

Lunch time will be at the Board’s discretion

Each person in attendance is required to pay $3 each for coffee/soda

– all you wish to drink

I. Call to order – 10am

II. Opening Ceremonies

A. Welcoming Remarks
1. Establishment of a quorum

2. Regions not represented

B. Pledge of Allegiance
C. Introductions of Officers, Board members & guests

1. Handout of materials
D. Requests for business not listed on the agenda

III. Minutes of the last meeting

IV. Reports of Officers

A. Coordinator’s Report – Mike Niznik

1. Guest speakers Tom McGrath & Bill Kincaid

2. Welcome the Blackwater Chapter of ABATE of Virginia

3. Freedom Award – Mike Niznik

4. “Hats Off” Progess

5. New state webmaster – Beth Takais

6. Newsletter Products – Mike Niznik

B. Treasurer’s Report – Paul Stathis

1. Delinquent Treasury Reports

2. Tax Filing – YR 2000

C. Assistant Coordinator’s Report – George Crum

D. Secretary’s Report – Sharon Keaton

E. Sergeant At Arms Report – Jeff Allman

V. Committee Reports

A. Helmet Law Reform Report – Dave Sutton

1. Report on HLRC Meetings between Board meetings

2. HLRC Treasury

3. Presentations of Donations – Anyone

B. Membership Report – Annie Mundy

C. Strategic Planning Report – George Crum

D. Products Report – Mike Niznik

1. T-shirt Report

2. Products

3. State logo available to chapters to use – Sharon Keaton

E. Insurance Report – Lynne Niznik

1. Tidewater Chapter – Outstanding balance for 2000

F. Newsletter Report – MaryAnn Sowle
G. Legislative Report – everyone
H. BikePAC of Va – Lynne Niznik

VI. Unfinished Business

A. State Rally Recap – Bryan Reilly

B. Meeting of the Minds – funds available for members to attend

C. VCOM Conference – Donation?

VII. New Business

VIII. Open Floor

IX. Announcements

A. Board of Directors Agenda Deadline – September 30

B. Newsletter Deadline – August 22

C. Next Board meeting – October 21

D. Don’t forget to pay your lunch bill! And tip the wait staff.
X. Motion to Adjourn

Questions/comments to Mike Niznik:

8118 Drayton Ln

Springfield Va 22151


Contact me to acknowledge official receipt!

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